How to apply for online early loan termination

How to pay off an ongoing loan

How to pay off an ongoing loan

In times of economic difficulty, applying for a loan may prove to be a forced choice, however it often happens that whoever has a loan in progress chooses to pay it off before its natural expiration. In this study we will see how to submit an Government Agency loan early repayment request.

Even if these are products characterized by interest rates at favorable conditions, paying off an Government Agency loan is always an advantageous solution. This is because the extinction of a loan involves the closure of the contract and the lender cannot request the application of interest on the residual debt paid for the early repayment.

But how to apply for an early repayment of an Government Agency loan? To proceed with the extinction it is necessary to use the special online service on the Social Institute website. To access the service it is necessary to connect to the site and from the home page click on the link All services, at the top left.

From the page where all the services accessible from the Social Institute site are present, it is necessary to filter the results by theme by choosing the Loans item. The service to be used for the early termination of the Government Agency loan is called Public Employee Management: Services for Workers and Pensioners.

Once authenticated with the Social Institute Pin, the user has the possibility to choose from a wide range of services. Among these we find the one called Loans – Early Redemption Application.

The Pin Social Institute

The Pin Social Institute

As already mentioned, in order to use the Social Institute service for the early repayment of the Government Agency loan, you must be in possession of the Social Institute Pin. Code that allows the Institute to uniquely identify the member and necessary to access the Social Institute services.

Those who do not yet have the PIN can request the code at any Social Institute office, or by using the online service on the Social Institute website.

Finally, remember that the procedure we saw in the previous lines can be used for both small loans and multi-year loans. In this regard, we remind you that small loans make it possible to obtain small sums with which to cope with sudden expenses, while long-term loans are designed to face important expenses.

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